How to Change iTunes Backup Location?

One of the issues of having iTunes reinforcements is storage room. It’s a tremendous issue on the off chance that you run a Windows machine with a great deal of programming/information in the C: Drive. This is on the grounds that iTunes, of course, puts all the reinforcement information into the C: drive and there’s no real way to move this area from inside iTunes’ inclinations.


So what do you do when you end up in a fix where iTunes reinforcements are gobbling up a ton of room and you completely need to move them out of the C: drive? This is what you can do:


Before we start, you should peruse this introduction on iTunes reinforcements and what we’re endeavoring to do.

1. iTunes reinforcements are put away in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup where <username> is your Windows uersname. This is the default area and we can’t change this. iTunes is arranged to put all the reinforcement information into this organizer.

2. What we will do is this: make another Backup organizer in D:\ (or E:\) drive (wherever you incline toward). And afterward interface the first Backup organizer (in the C: drive) to the new Backup envelope made in another drive. When we’ve connected them, each time iTunes endeavors to spare a reinforcement to the Backup organizer, the records get spared into the new Backup drive. This keeps your C: drive free.


Step by step instructions to Change iTunes Backup Location in Windows


Step #1. Most importantly, you have to make another reinforcement organizer. In this test, we will make another iTunes reinforcement envelope in D drive.

Step #2. Next, you need to find the current iTunes reinforcement registry and rename it. Basically press the begin catch. Glue the accompanying in the alternate route box.

“%APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync”

Presently, you will be taken the reinforcement envelope utilized by iTunes.

Inside that envelope, you will see an organizer named Backup. You have to rename it as Old iTunes Backup.

Step #3. Presently, you have to open a direction provoke. Simply hold down the SHIFT key and right snap inside the wayfarer sheet of the present organizer (/MobileSync/).

Step #4. Next, you should choose “Open direction window here.”

Step #5. Up next, make a representative connection. At the direction incite, enter the order given beneath.

Step #6. The order provoke window will make an intersection and another envelope alternate way named “Reinforcement” will show up in the first area.

Step #7. Up next, you need to erase the old iTunes reinforcement records which are in the MobileSync envelope.

Step #8. At long last, associate your iPhone to your PC and back it up with iTunes obviously.

The new reinforcements will be made in D: \Backup envelope or where you made the new reinforcement organizer.

That is finished! Try to look at the circle space which has recently been opened up.


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